Test in Barcelona – Day Three


barcelona-testNico started the day testing aerodynamic components. He then tried the soft tyres for the first time on this track and set the second best time of the day. In the afternoon he mainly concentrated on long-runs with high fuel loads. He covered 91 laps.


Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya, 4.655 km


Driver: Nico Hülkenberg


Weather: Mainly overcast, air 8-15°C, track 9 -19°C


Chassis/engine: C32-2/Ferrari 056


Laps today: 91


Fastest lap: 1:22.160


Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering: „Overall it was a very productive day, which is particularly important as the forecast suggests rain is likely tomorrow. As in previous days, we have used the initial running for data gathering of new aerodynamic parts while the temperatures were low. For the first time at this test we used the soft Pirelli tyre, which performs well for the first timed lap. The high tyre degradation makes testing difficult, but that is the same for everyone and we have to adapt to it. Nico and the engineers continued to make good progress with the car set-up and he will now hand the car back to Esteban for the final day of the test.”


Nico Hülkenberg: „It was a positive day. We got a lot of testing done with just minor problems. I ran the soft tyres in the morning here in Barcelona for the first time to get a feeling for those, which was interesting. The car is performing pretty well, and I‘m as happy as I can be.“


What comes next: Tomorrow, Esteban will be back at the wheel of the C32 for the final day.


Test in Barcelona – Day Four



estbarcelona-test22nd February 2013 – With low temperatures, light rain in the morning and heavier rain, including hale, after mid-day , the final day of testing was far from ideal. However, Esteban used most of the time to gain experience with the Intermediate and Full Wet tyres. He was able to complete 96 laps.


Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya, 4.655 km


Driver: Esteban Gutiérrez


Weather: Overcast and light rain in the morning, heavier rain and hale after mid-day,  air 7-8°C, track 8 -9°C


Chassis/engine: C32-2/Ferrari 056


Laps today:  96


Fastest lap : 1:1:26.239


Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering : „As forecast, the final day of the test was dominated by intermittent rain showers. During the short dry spell in the morning we were able to complete an important aero test giving us useful data in preparation for next week’s test. For the rest of the day we gave Esteban plenty of running with the Intermediate and Full Wet tyres in preparation for the season ahead.”


Esteban Gutiérrez: „It was a very interesting day for me as  well as for the team, because it was important to get some experience in wet conditions. For me it was the very first time I had driven a Formula One car in the wet. It was particularly interesting in the morning, when the track was wet to begin with and then started to dry out. I was able to drive with dry tyres in very tricky conditions, which was a situation I could experience in a race. It was important for me to feel this change in conditions. In the afternoon I got the opportunity to compare the Intermediate tyres with the Full Wets. I learned so much today. This was just what I needed.“


What comes next: This was the final day of the first of two Barcelona tests. Testing will be resumed on February 28th. Esteban will run on days one and three, and Nico on days two and four.


Quelle: Sauber F1 Team