Today, the Formula One teams resumed testing on the Circuito de Cataluna near Barcelona. In the morning, Esteban Gutiérrez mainly concentrated on aero work, while in the afternoon he did tyre comparisons with the medium and the hard compounds, and he worked on the set-up of the car. He completed 68 laps.


Circuit: Circuito de Cataluna, 4.655 km


Driver: Esteban Gutiérrez


Weather: Overcast, air 13-18°C, track 14 -23°C


Chassis/engine: C32-2/Ferrari 056


Laps today:  68


Fastest lap : 1:25.124


estbarcelonaTom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering : „We spent a lot of the morning evaluating some aerodynamic and mechanical parts on the car. We were also working on the hard and the medium tyres, but the track conditions were not ideal. We gathered a lot of data with some special instrumentation, and now we need to look at it. Due to a few small issues we weren’t able to complete our full programme, but we are confident we will be back on track tomorrow.


Esteban Gutiérrez : „It was quite a tricky day with the tyres. We were struggling with tyre management and, as a result, degradation. We tried different things in the morning, but then in the afternoon we had some issues with the set-up of the car. The good thing is we have a lot of data to analyse. This will be the basis for us to understand everything.“


What comes next: Tomorrow, Nico Hülkenberg will take over from Esteban.


Day Two


Nico spent quite a bit of the morning session with aero evaluations. Later in the morning and in the afternoon the main focus was on set-up and tyre work. He completed 88 laps.


Circuit: Circuit de Catalunya, 4.655 km


Driver: Nico Hülkenberg


Weather: Sunny, air 8-19°C, track 9 -25°C


Chassis/engine: C32-2/Ferrari 056


Laps today:  88


Fastest lap : 1:24.205


hukbarcelonaTom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering : „Today we tested some new aero and mechanical components and were also working again on the Hard and Medium tyre compounds. Even though we had some downtime due to small mechanical problems, we achieved the majority of our testing plan including many pit stop simulations in the afternoon.”


Nico Hülkenberg: „We got a lot done, but also had some issues today. I did quite a lot of running, but it was difficult because the tyres degraded quite quickly.  In addition, it was not easy for us today to use the full potential of the tyres on a single quick lap. There is definitely room for improvement.“


What comes next: Tomorrow, Nico Hülkenberg will continue drivring, while Esteban will be back at the wheel on Friday.

Quelle: Sauber F1 Team