Test in Jerez – Day two

jerezThe Sauber F1 Team had a productive second day of testing. In the morning, when the track’s temperature was still cold, the team concentrated mainly on aerodynamic tests. Later in the morning and in the afternoon – in better track conditions – the engineers and Nico started with some basic set-up work, and then made some runs on heaviear fuel loads. The car ran without any technical problems all day. At the end the team did a fuel system check, and Nico ran out of fuel.


Circuit: Jerez de la Frontera, 4.428 km


Driver: Nico Hülkenberg


Weather: Sunny all day, air 7-20°C, track 7-28 °C


Chassis/engine: C32-2/Ferrari 056


Laps today: 99 laps


Fastest lap : 1 :19.502 min


Tom McCullough, Head of Track Engineering : „It was a very good day with Nico achieving all our goals. Nico is building up a good working relationship with the engineers, which is important. We continued our  work on understanding the Pirelli tyres. Without doubt the temperatures will be different once we go racing, but we still got to understand them well. The car was, again, very reliable, which gives us a solid basis.


Nico Hülkenberg : „For the second day in a row it was pretty successful. We went through a lot of test items and did a comparison of the compounds – soft, medium and hard – which was quite interesting. Otherwise I was able to continue my familiarisation with the car and I did some long runs. Like yesterday, it was a positive day.“


What comes next: This was the final day of testing for Nico in Jerez. Tomorrow and on Friday, Esteban Gutiérrez will take over.


Test in Jerez – Day one

Jerez de la Frontera, 5th February 2013 – The Sauber F1 Team enjoyed a successful roll-out of the C32-Ferrari in Jerez. Nico Hülkenberg completed 79 laps without any noteworthy problems. He started the day doing some short runs and systems checks, followed by aerodynamic measurements.

Circuit: Jerez de la Frontera / 4.428 km
Driver: Nico Hülkenberg
Weather: Sunny all day, air 6-22°C, track 7-27°C
Chassis / engine: C32-2 / Ferrari 056
Laps today: 79 laps
Fastest lap: 1:20.699 min

Tom McCullough (Head of Track Engineering)
„It was a successful first day of testing for the C32 with Nico getting used to the systems and the team, as well as familiarising himself with the 2013 tyres. We also signed off a number of aerodynamic items. Overall it was really a productive day.“

Nico Hülkenberg
„I had a positive first day, with no major problems on the reliability side, and the cooling particularly worked well, which is a relief for the engineers. The car behaved well on this track. For me it was the usual familiarisation with the car as it was my first day in my new environment. I’m quite happy how everything went. There is obviously still a lot of work to do, but overall it was a very productive day.“

What comes next
Tomorrow, Nico will continue driving the C32. Esteban Gutiérrez will take over on Thursday and Friday